Sunday, November 10, 2013


 Shane 1st stood up on a surfboard at Seal Beach on a 5' Midget Smith twinzer at the age of 5, that was 1986. Since then Shane has honed his surfing skills on the waves all along the California coast from San Fransico to San Diego also New Zealand, Coasta Rica, Hawaii and also Mexico. 

Shane has been making wetsuits since 2003, he never went to school to be a Tailor or a Designer it just came kind of natural to him and he hasen't looked back since...

**JoneSea was started by Shane Jones in 2013**

Shane is shown here making a new Model for his Team Rider Lindsay Engle,
 2011 Woman's World Longboard champion.

Shane is constantly designing new materials with the newest and latest materials on and off the market.
                            JoneSea uses JS material, wich is exclisive to him and his company only...

 L & S came up w the concept of making the womens waist slimmer and accentuate the chest and booty:) 

This suits is 2m hand glued, double blindstiched/taped sealed
Colors: Black/Nude/Violet
100% Surfer made in America


  1. Just got back from an afternoon surfing at Narragansett, RI in my Jonsea 2mm top. Great time...My Jonsea fit well, was very comfortable and kept the chill off. Nice match with my Katin boardshorts. Thanks, Shane!

  2. Hey, I love your guys' wetsuits, and would like to send you my surf portfolio! Is there an email that I could send it to?

    Sophia Drewelow

  3. I see you helped a gentleman out of the water and brought closure to their family. Thank you very much for doing that. You're a stand-up person